Good morning, heroes!

It’s hard to believe that it’s been two years since  our first comic, and we’re hard at work preparing for the relaunch you guys have all been waiting for, but in the mean time, while we settle into new work schedules and routines, we’ve put together a couple of giveaways courteous of a generous donation by everyone’s favorite Fuzzy Tank.

The rules are simple!  Follow us on Twitter and/or Facebook and retweet the contest post on Twitter (be sure to include the hashtag #dqgiveaway) or leave a comment in the contest thread on Facebook and you’ll be considered an official entrant!  Four followers will be selected at random to win one of the four available pets.  There are no other conditions or qualifications than to simply be a fan!

So when are we doing this?  The contest posts will go up at 10:00 AM CST on Friday, October 14, and the contest will run until 10:00 AM CST on Monday, October 17.  The winners will be selected and announced that week.  If a winner is unavailable for contact by the following Friday, new winners will be selected!

What are we giving away?  We have four vanity pets for this particular giveaway.  First up is Lil’ K.T., a ferocious approximation of his older cousin from Naxxramas who will cackle maniacally to celebrate your kills in any battleground or arena.  We also have Lil’ XT, styled after one of Mimiron’s corrupted creations in the Titan city of Ulduar, and he loves playing with trains.  Third is Lil’ Ragnaros, a bite sized version of the Lord of Fire with a strong distaste for the critters of Azeroth, and he also functions as a campfire for your raid time meals.  Finally, the Pandaren Monk, a practicing martial arts expert who quite enjoys a cold drink with a companion.

So, with all of that in mind, I want to wish you guys good luck, and thanks for making Daily Quests so successful!  See you guys bright and early tomorrow morning!

Supervas out!