Daily Quests is a webcomic based on the characters we play on World of Warcraft. It is updated once a week usually around noon MNT on Fridays.

Fyreuni’s the kind of person who is definitely running the show, but still hates doing things on her own. She stays focused on the task at hand and knows how to keep Vas in line when he sees something shiny. She originally started out her WoW career as a Holy Priest, but has since switched roles into DPS as a Shadow Priest. Which suits her just fine, since now SHE gets to yell at the healers for not doing their jobs!

Vas is the kind of character that gets bored easily, and when he gets bored he gets sidetracked, and when he gets sidetracked he just does things.  They’re not always intelligent things or even productive things, but they’re always fun things–at least to him.  There’s a dark and serious side of him when things need to get done, and even that side of him has its whimsy, but for the most part he’s a big kid with a short attention span, and he lives in a world where that can get him into and out of a whole lot of trouble.

Grumpy Tree / Cynae:
Grumpy Tree is the kind of character that you can’t help but love no matter your faction or circumstance. She loves to restore her allies and has a strict aversion to being in combat directly, and the thanklessness of her role inspires sarcasm, irritation, and grumpiness! Deep down she’s a lovable Druid with a big heart who cares deeply for her friends, but she’ll never let them know that because then who would be grumpy?

Fuzzy Tank:
Fuzzy Tank is that Druid that every group needs in order to be successful. He’s upbeat and casual no matter what’s going on around him, and it’s even been suggested that his threat generation is directly relative to his fuzziness, which makes him the perfect tank and a good friend of the cast.