So according to Vas, who remembers random trivia bits like this, this comic was actually the first one we came up with for Daily Quests back in August or something. Obviously it was after Blizzcon, and we were playing with our murloc marine pets. I had heard somewhere that if you put the Zergling Pet (which you could only get by purchasing a collectors edition of WoW when it first came out), the zergling will kill the marine. And sure enough, it does!

However, the marine can actually kill the zergling pet too! It depends on range! If the murloc is far enough away, he will shoot and kill the zergling at range, but if they are close together, the zergling will win more often than not! Vas and I have run through Dalaran trying to see who kills who first sometimes! In fact, we did last night in Heroics in honor of the comic!

This comic is kind of interesting in that its our 20th comic, which I think is pretty huge! So I made it pretty huge! I guess I’m starting a trend where every 10th comic is double sized or something. As I said before, its also the first comic we came up with back when Vas and I started this crazy journey, but its also the first comic where I used my Flash Builds for both characters. I gotta say, its incredible how much faster I can churn these things out. This whole comic took me about 7.5 hours from start to finish, but I had to draw the murloc and zergling, which took a lot of it, AND the comic is twice as large. It will be really cool if a regular sized one will only take me 3-4 hours to do! Of course, the next few comics we have planned have incidentals to draw! Figures.

Getting more excited/nervous for the Calgary Comic Expo! Check out the site for the guest line up, and if you in the area, they started selling advance tickets just the other day, so grab them early and save a few bucks! Both Vas and I will be there in the artists alley representing Daily Quests, come in and say hi!

EDIT: As per a few suggestions given to me through the comments, I’ve taken another stab at Fyreuni jumping at Vas in the 5th panel. I think it looks a lot better, and reads a little more clearly. I still feel its the weakest panel, but at least now it should be easier to interpret what shes doing! Thanks again for all the suggestions and critiques on it, they definitely improved the image!

For those of you just joining us and might not have caught the old version, heres a comparison: