Alright, well, since I’m still sort of trying to get caught up from my somewhat last minute trip to Kelowna, I don’t really have time to do an actual comic today, but I do have something to share. Read more!

Before I start, I don’t want to presume that I know better than blizzard or their creative team or what not. I respect them greatly, as I work in the animation industry and am no stranger to how things work behind the scenes or the limitations put on the developers for whatever reason. I’m sure the reasons for using an existing model for a racial mount are good ones, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t suck that that’s what we’re getting.

Yesterday, blizzard announced Worgen racial mounts coming in 4.3. As far as I can tell, this has been met mostly with “meh” reviews, and I can see why. If you look at the screenshots, the mounts are just the same models as the wild stallions that are running about in Grizzly Hills. People have felt a bit put off at the seemingly lazy attempt at a racial mount, and I can understand that. I am perfectly aware that it is also being put in so that the alliance will have a more even chance on the 100 mount achievement. And that’s understandable too, but really… It IS just the same model, they don’t even have saddles or tack, it doesn’t even look like they are unique colors. What a cop-out, right?

Well, yes and no. Now from the beginning, when Worgens were first announced, I wondered what their mount would be. As an avid mount collector, I love to see what they would come up with. I was pretty disappointed with Running Wild if only for the fact that it wasn’t actually a MOUNT. The idea itself is cool already (though I weep for the Taurens who had it first! XD). However, when you sit back and think about it, what mount would really fit them?

I know here is where people would reference the image that was at blizzcon 2009 of the Worgen riding a boar mount (screenshot courtesy of MMO-Champion) and be all “that should be their mount! That’s totally badass!” And I do agree that it is badass, but based on the Worgen story, where they start up etc, a boar makes no sense. They don’t live in an area where something like that is supported let alone grown to a size where you could ride it. If the Worgens started out in Outlands or something I could see it, but they didn’t. They are in Gilneas, they ran there as humans, and would have what humans have. Horses. It makes perfect sense for them to have some type of horse mount.

But the ACTUAL humans have horse mounts…why should the worgens just have the same mount? I don’t think they should. Although the current horse mount for humans is somewhat based on the heavy draft horse design (based mostly on the thick heavy hooves and fetlocks) I think they could have taken it a step further for the worgens. I think they should have made a new model which is based solely on a heavy horse breed (clydesdale, or percheron for example) and really “beef” up the horses a bit. Afterall, a worgen would be a bit heaver to carry than a human. The horses should be bigger to make up for that!

So above is my rendition of what I think the Worgen mount should be more like. I agree that it should be a horse, I just think there should be a new model. I based my drawing on the Dutch Draft horse breed, which are a large horse with a bit shorter but MUCH thicker muscular legs. In an attempt to make the model somewhat different that what the current WoW model is, I would make the legs thicker and more muscular, as well as remove the heavy fetlocks, and just put a little hint of them on the legs. The neck would be a LOT thicker, much like a heavy horse breed. I think one other unique thing that would look good would be to have the mane be on one side instead of the messy hair that the current horses sport.

Also, I’d love to see some new colors. The colors I have painted here are based on photos of colorings of actual horse breeds, and there are some pretty unique combinations that could be played with. At the very least a re-coloring would be needed, instead of the only difference between a Human mount and a Worgen mount being that one is wearing tack and the other is not.

I realize that my ideas might be a little hard to model in 3D, I have virtually no experience in modelling or modelling for video games. I do catch the little things that game art designers do to save on size, and make things easier to animate ect. I recognize and understand that. So I don’t even know if this sketch could even be DONE anyway. But that’s not really the point is it. I just wanted to bring a bit of difference to what is obviously just an already existing model to a racial mount.

Also, I just don’t want anyone to confuse the new worgen mounts with my still-coveted original epic mount on my very first character I ever played on WoW!