Happy Hallow’s End everyone!

I remember when Drew and I first decided to start up this comic, we had about 4 or 5 ideas right off the bat of some things we wanted to make fun of. One of them being the sad state of the Protection Warrior. Our good friend Ararat, a great prot warrior of Blood Legion was definitely feeling a bit left out when it came to tanking as a warrior in Wrath. He feels they don’t have the raw health that Druids do or the saves that Paladins do. Any time a boss is high in raw physical damage, a Druid has to tank it. He even asked Ghostcrawler about it at Blizzcon, and pretty much got the standard “Prot Warriors are fine” speech. It’s too bad, because I love warrior tanks! Anyway, Hallow’s End seemed a perfect time to finally make fun of the poor state of the tanking warrior…

This week was a bit of an up and down one for me as far as WoW goes. I have been on the Illidan server *almost* since the game was released. I found a lot of good friends there, and had the pleasure of meeting a lot of them face to face. I consider all of them good friends, even if their opinion of me has changed over the years. Ever since I went to China, I’ve been kind of floating in guilds. I couldn’t possibly raid or really play for that matter while I was over there, and when I got back, no one really knew or cared I was there. I got left behind. It became painfully obvious that I wasn’t wanted in my guild, and there was no way I would ever raid with them. I was faced with the decision of staying in a guild where I’d never get to see any content, but still enjoy the company of one or two friends, or find a new home on another server in the hopes that I can raid and make some new friends along the way. So, on Monday, I quietly said goodbye to the few people who made staying on Illidan worth it, and then transferred my priest off.

I went to The Venture Co. I have an old guildie, Thrush who moved over there about a year ago to play with some friends. Some of you might know him as the hunter I made Emergency Kindergarten for! I’m now part of the Catalina Wine Mixer. I had the pleasure of raiding with them on Tuesday, and aside from two driver crashes and a blue screen on the part of my “new” computer (which is going to be returned later today) the raid went really well! Sure, its no Blood Legion, but I think it fits my lifestyle right now. They are a fun bunch of people, a really laid back raiding schedule, which won’t interfere with finishing the comic, and also lets me play volleyball twice a week without missing a raid!

I’m sad that it came to having to move off server. I’ll miss a lot of great people there, but I hope things will be better for me and my current lifestyle over at Venture Co. So to my friends on Illidan (Imaril, Rylo, Jehdin, Arianah, Ararat, Absalom, Chevyon, and Mandosz) I’ll miss you all, and good luck in 3.3!