Well, Vas and Fyre are back doing their Hodir Dailies again! When will Vas learn anyway. Hint: Never! He’s way too entertianing this way.

Well, since the Beta is down again (rats!) I should probably do something I’ve been meaning to do for a while now, but never wanted to take the time to write up because…well, Beta dammit! In any case, I’m going to share a few comics that I should have linked back to long before now! First of Torment of the Week! A comic about three blood elf characters played by three friends…sounds familiar no? *wink* Aww, just kidding! Azarizotza told me they’ve had emails saying they’re copying us or something, and when he told me that I was like “bwah? why? Because we all play blood elves?” Anyway, they aren’t copying and you all should check out thier stuff! I like how there are actual storylines in their comic…This hodir storyline is about as close as we’ve come to a story arc…

The other comic I want to share is Warcraft Hero. I actually LOVE this comic. Its so simple, but the characters are fun and charming, and the humor is awesome. I miss Squee already, but it looks like our hero is going after him! Yay! I’m linking the archive, since I guess it’s posted on a community forum, but the most recent one does show up at the top. I actually wanted to do Insert Title Here in this style, but I didn’t want it to look like I was copying or making fun of Warcraft Hero. Because I’ll say it again, this is one of my favorite comics out there! So cute!

Aaaaand thats it for now. I wanted to give everyone a heads up, I’m going to be doing some quick write ups of my experiences on the beta, but not to worry, everything will be behind a cut tag so if you don’t want things spoiler’d for you, you don’t have to click! Look for them soon!