Alright, just like to take a moment to be serious here. So this isn’t a joke comic, its more of a dramatic one, and who can blame me? The world of Azeroth has been forever changed. Everything Vas and Fyre knew is different now. But one thing that hasn’t changed is their determination to face any threat that is placed before them. Deathwing may be free to unleash his rage upon the world for now, but heroes everywhere are gathering their courage to face him when the time comes. Vas and Fyre are no exceptions.

So how is everyone liking the new changed World of Warcraft? I must admit, I’m a little underwhelmed, but only because I was on the beta and have seen all this before. The joy of new and interesting zones is lost on me since I’ve seen it all before. I don’t regret the beta though! It was a ton of fun to see those things back then! I’ll be more excited to explore more of the new areas when the expansion is officially released. The number one thing I am looking forward to is guild rewards. I can’t wait to start contributing to that! Until then, I’m kind of ho hum about WoW. Only 12 more days to go though!

I wanted to say a huge HUGE thank you to everyone who has bought things at the DQ Store lately! I was absolutely blown away with the orders I got last weekend, you guys are great. As you can all see to the right, I’m keeping a total on all the money we’ve raised to be donated to Child’s Play. I don’t expect that number to be too big, but every little bit counts. I also encourage anyone who can to please donate if you’re not interested in DQ stuff. You’ll make a difference in a sick child’s life.