Fyre and Vas have been “lucky” enough to get BBQ’d by Deathwing in the comic, but I assure you, neither of us have been nuked in the actual game yet. I’m trying! Trying to be out in the old world as much as I possibly can be just to see that sky turn red! Anyone else been lucky enough to get a repair bill from Deathwing?

With only a few days left before Cataclysm, I’m getting really excited! Can’t wait to get in there with all the new content! hope everyone else is prepared! I’ll be giving out a few freebies to the other people standing in line at the EB Games we’ve preordered our CE from, though Weoh was the one who did the preordering, so I don’t even remember where it is at! As soon as I get my copy though, I’m rushing home and installing! Can’t wait to get in!

Other than that, I’m SUPER thrilled to say we’ve raised $155.00 so far for Child’s Play, which honestly is already more than I’ve hoped for! Thanks to everyone who has bought something from the store, or gotten a charity avatar! I’ll be doing a few more charity avatars before Christmas, so make sure to Follow Fyreuni for when they will be open again!