Whew…new tree form…Interesting, huh? Still not thrilled about growing a goatee and a beard when I switch into ToL. Also, I know its only live on Beta right now, but we all know its coming! Almost a little sad that I won’t get to keep my autumn leaves either! Tauren have green leaves!

Anyway, Blizzcon was amazing. I got to meet a lot of awesome Blizzard employees, like Glenn Rane (I totally acted all stalkerish around him, I’m sure he thinks I’m insane), and Samwise, and Chris Metzen! I actually gave all three of them issue 1 of the DQ comic book. I also learned that I am really shy when it comes to meeting people. I found it really hard to give out those buttons, but luckily Weoh is a lot better at it. Anyway, I plan to do an actual blizzcon write up, but I’m also really bad at these things and I’m super busy so no promises! But I have some pics to share!

Because I was so bad at handing out buttons at blizzcon, I have a few of them left! So from now until I run out, when you order anything at the DQ Store I’ll throw in a free random button! Anyway! I’m out for this week! Laters all!