Okay, so I wanted to let everyone know that I haven’t forgotten about them, and I WISH I were done Emergency Kindergarten, but yeah, I’m not. I worked on it all night tonight though as indicated in my self portrait above (its actually that dark in my cave at the moment since my light burned out) and I hope to get at least the story boarding done this weekend as well, and if I’m REALLY productive (HA!) maybe start posing a scene or two.

For those curious, there are 8 scenes in total, not counting the Intro or the Credits, for a total of about 2:20mins of animation when its all said and done. Still one more thing to tweak on the voice over, but that’s mostly done. Oh, and I’ve already completely animated the intro. Its coming! I swear! Even if I don’t finish by next Friday, I think I’m going to attempt to have an actual comic up anyway. I kind of miss drawing it!

Things will be really busy for me in the next few weeks anyway. I *finally* sold my apartment, which was a HUGE weight off my shoulders, since my possession date of the new house is in two weeks…Anyway, what that means is I’ll have to move, and really soon. So yeah. HOPEFULLY it won’t disrupt me too badly, but honestly, who are we kidding, right? anyway, come October things should be settling down a bit, just in time for Blizzcon of course, but that’s a whole ‘nother story, right?

Lastly, for those of you that missed out last time, I finally got a new shipment of the Daily Quests Issue 1 Comic Book in again! It is for sale in the store if you’re interested! Remember, each comic gets a little mini sketch from me in the back! Keep in mind that because I have to sketch them out, it might take an extra day or two to ship!

wait…THIS is lastly! If you’re going to Blizzcon this year, I ordered some Daily Quests Buttons that I’ll be handing out! I don’t know how I’d find people of course…and I only have 500 : ( But we’ll see how it goes! They might make an appearance in the store shortly after blizzcon as well for those who couldn’t go but still want one! :D