Finally, Vas gets a bit of revenge for all the beatings he’s taken lately. Of course, he’s probably going to get a kick in the knee in about 5 minutes when Fyre realizes whats going on. So todays comic is based on the Poached, Scrambled, or Raw quest, and our Special Guest today is Weohstan, our guilds Tank. It is also based on actual events when I was doing the quest. I think Vas and I had just finished Karazhan and I thought I’d just knock out the raptor daily quickly. Portal to Tanaris, get the quest, run to the Noxious Lair…and none of the eggs are sparkling. I dropped the quest twice, and was bitching about it on vent, and it hits me like a ton of bricks. I feel rightfully stupid as I leave the raid, and eggs begin to sparkle again (its the shell of a killer, Bella!) *ahem*

I KNOW you all have done this too! Wandered around killing hundreds of quest mobs, wondering why the drop rate is do damned low for this quest, when you look down and notice you’re in a party, and think, why am I in a party again? OH CRAP! I’ve done it…more times than I can count. Not much more to say about this comic this week, except that I believe I have drawn the cutest baby raptor ever! ^_^