I always found it a little amusing that the prize for collecting 100 mounts was…another mount. And in Fyres world where that means another mount to feed, that might not be such a good thing! How could she say no to that face though! Now whats interesting about this comic is that this is probably one of the first ones we came up with back in the day when the comic was still an inkling. And only now, almost one full year later does it show up in the scheme of things.

Speaking of which, this is a major milestone for me, as:

That’s right! This is the 50th comic I’ve done! I also am amused that this actual in game achievement works in this instance :3 Anyway, 50 comics…that’s major for me. I can’t believe I’ve stuck with it for this long, but that’s a post for our anniversary. Speaking of which, some VERY IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENTS after the break, so CLICK!

As we near the 1 year anniversary of Daily Quests, I want to sort of “end with a bang” you know? So I’m officially announcing that Daily Quests Comic Updates will be on Hiatus for at least two, possibly three weeks. “OMG WHY!” I’m sure some of you are screaming, but I have a very good reason. I *want* to do Emergency Kindergarten: Lesson 2. Very much. However, it is REALLY time consuming. Animation isn’t easy or fast, but its time to do it again, you know? I have had a lot of people still commenting on Emergency Kindergarten: Lesson 1 and a lot of people want to see Lesson 2. So my plan is to use the time I usually work on the comic to work on EK:L2. The reality is, I just can’t work on both at the same time.

My goal is to have EK:L2 in about two weeks. That is a very VERY ambitious goal. And one I am not sure I can achieve. But I will try. However, do expect that there might be a three week break while I get ‘er done. Hopefully everything will fall into place and we can all take our seats and get another important WoW lesson. I thank everyone for their patience and understanding and I hope you all look forward to lesson 2!

Lastly, if you don’t follow Fyreuni on Twitter then you might not have seen a couple of new pieces of art I have done recently, so here is a bit of an art dump! Click for larger: