All things considered, its been a pretty busy week for me. I started building Fyre and Vas in Flash, with the intentions of making things easier on me in the future. Unfortunately, it takes a while, and all of a sudden I’m all “OMG! I HAVE TO START THE COMIC!” So I couldn’t actually put Fyre and Vas in there! This here is Thrush, an old friend of Vas and I, the reason Emergency Kindergarten exsists, and the cause of many fun nights raiding.

Speaking of Emergency Kindergarten, I’m still getting a lot of hits and comments on it on Youtube, and a very popular request is to continue the series. I’m actually really close to doing this. With building Fyre in Flash, it opens up the opportunity to animate her in another lesson of EK. I’ve started brainstorming what I want to do, and I think a goal of mine will be to get the next two episodes out this year. I know, doens’t seem like it should take that long, but its one of those, I’ll work on it when I have time dealies. But I can now officially say, YES, there will be another Emergency Kindergarten Lesson made!

Couple of interesting things happened to Vas and I this week, not the least of which is two incidents of internet notoriety. Vas, Weoh and I were doing random heroics on our mains this week, and we had a Shaman join (I don’t remember his name though! I’m sorry!) and he looks at my name and says “Fyreuni…where have I heard that name before….Were you responsible for Emergency Kindergarten?” I was all like “Yeah! Thats me!” and then was on cloud 9 the rest of the instance, not believing someone would ever recognize me in game, let alone during a random pug! I was thrilled!

The same thing happened to Vas. He was in a lecture during his classes, and near the end he went to the Daily Quests page, and the person beside him recognised it and they started chatting about it a bit. I hear that the person didn’t believe Vas was Vas until he showed the guy that he could access the DQ Dashboard! But I want to give a wave to Staples from Shattered Hand! Thanks for reading and showing your guild! :D

A thanks to everyone actually, who visits and shares the comic with friends! Its a lot of hard work, but its so rewarding when we meet people who have read and enjoyed it! It makes it all the more worthwhile to know that people like coming here and checking it out!