Okay, so I’m sure for the vast majority of you this is a pretty common result of your Brewfest Efforts. I know it is mine. All I’ve gotten is just the frost badges (and I’m sitting on 600 of them already, so yeah…) And then again, I’m sure I’m about to get a lot of comments about all you (expletive deleted)s who actually GOT the ram or kodo this year. Ironically, I went to kill Coren right after I finished the comic last night and another member in my part got the kodo. So to him and everyone else who got one, congratulations I say, through gritted teeth and a fake smile!

So, sorry the comic is kind of sparse today. I’m moving tomorrow, and I’m not even done packing yet. Needed as much time as possible to get more packing in last night, so yeah. Small one. Its actually kinda funny. I was doing my sketches for the Daily Quests Comic Book orders that I had gotten last week, and I ended up sketching this little comic out in it. When I closed it up and sent it off, I was all, you know, that wasn’t too bad! I should make a real comic of it! So here it is. Worked out well since as I said, I had NO time to do a comic this week.

Also, for those interested the Grumpy Tree and Friends Magnet 5 pack is back in stock! Finally got another batch in! Sorry for the delay!

EDIT: Okay, so no sooner did I post this comic do I go on WoW to kill Coren, and guess what drops. THE SWIFT BREWFEST RAM!!! I’m SUPER excited and happy, but WAY TO MAKE A LIAR OUT OF ME BLIZZARD!!!