This is one of those rare instances where Vas actually stops to think “hey, maybe this isn’t such a good idea to go running off into that thing…” Good thing Fyre is there to remove that fear! Fyre does make it a habit to get Vas killed in all sorts of fun and creative ways! Some of you might notice a Shadow’s Edge in Vas’ hands. Yes, our healing paladin has a Shadow’s Edge (hes got a good ret spec too!). He reaped his 1000th soul this week! Hopefully he’ll actually be able to finish a legendary this time…we don’t talk about the bindings of the windseeker…

Daily Quests was reviewed yesterday by Archive Crawl! I’m pretty thrilled with the review actually! Check out the rest of his articles to expand your webcomic bookmarks!

Other than that, theres a couple of new drawings I’ve done recently. One is a Hellboy Sketch I was commissioned to do at the CCEE, and another is a redraw I had to do of another commission from the CCEE when it became apparent that I fail with markers!