Another comic inspired by events played out by our guild. I’m sure more than a few of you have gotten those really poorly worded tells about how you’re going to get a mystery gift, or a free celestial horse or something…its OBVIOUSLY fake, but I have to wonder if people actually do fall for it, and if they do, I feel really bad for them…anyway, I don’t have to say it but don’t go to these sites, because *Pictured Above* is gonna happen! Also, I feel its my civic duty to link the Blizzard Account Security Page, just in case, and I do fully advocate Authenticators! They help a TON!

Also, like to give a shout out to Immamoonkin who volunteered her Night Elf Druid character to play the part of the random newb featured in the comic this week. No, this did not happen to her, and in no way would she click one of those links! If I ever need incidental characters, I’ll be putting an APB out on Twitter for volunteers, so make sure to follow fyreuni to hear my ramblings and such!

I gotta say! Its been a pretty good week for me! If you do follow my twitter, you’ll already know that my guild, Havoc has FINALLY downed the LK, in the most retarded and roundabout way ever. It was one of those lightswitch moments where we just said “do this” while we’re fighting him, everyone did it, and we won. We actually one shot him this week…I always said our first pull is the best. It as messy as hell too, with 3 people dead (including our MT) for most of the last phase. We just kept going then all of a sudden it was over, and we were like “bwah?” Anyway, it feels good to finally down that guy. We also 1 shot 3/4 new heroic enocunters this week too. (We have someone in our guild who xfered, and had killed LK before, so we did have access to hardmodes)

AND! I’m very happy to inform you all that I have finally landed a permanent full time position using Flash here in Calgary! I’m so excited that I’m finally employed again! I start on the 25th, and I can’t WAIT! My only concern is that I’m not going to have a ton of spare time to do the comic anymore, as I still have my part time job designing mascots. It might be a little hectic while I get used to my new schedule and figure out where my time to do the comic will be, so bear with me!