Happy Friday the 13th everyone!

Another week, another comic! I surprised myself and got it done on Tuesday! It was crazy! Of course did I use this time to start the next comic early? HA! No. I’m a horrible procrastinator, which is why its amazing that the comic has been on time so far!

So yeah, the Brunhilde dailies. A really good reward, if you can stand getting all the crap stuff out of the supply bag. Mountain water? A snowball? Really? Well, you know what they say. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade! Or in this case, throw the snowball! Vas should really start watching his back. Also, thankfully, I haven’t done these dailies in a long time, as I long ago got my polar bear mount! It took forever, but its mine! :D

Speaking of mounts, I added another mount to my collection today! The Venomhide Ravasaur mount! It took me forever to get this guy, as I didn’t start it right away when it came out, then about 5 days after I finally started the quest, I just did NOT feel like doing my dailies. Probably took me a good month to get him, just because I’m lazy. I’m a bit of a mount whore, and theres still so many I’m missing, but this is mount number 102! And counting! ~_^

Also, for those of you interested, I successfully killed a Druid in my guild this week using my very cheap levitate-everyone-but-myself-and-the-deathknight technique! Technically it was Tomeeka who killed him, but I still want to give a good sport award to Wisent, who took the blow! :)