Again, I can just imagine this happening as I fly away from unlocking this guys cage. It wouldn’t surprise me anyway! Dwarves never learn! Anyway, I vow this will be the last Dwarf butt I draw EVER. -_-

I’ve been really busy with a bunch of small freelancing projects, and again I started the comic late, but was able to finish it off just before midnight last night. I really need to re-examine how I draw the comic. I think I take way too long on details no one can possibly see. Here’s a detail shot of the doctor. Okay, its not as detailed as I could take it, but a lot of that is lost in the resizing of the comic. I find that the thing I spend the most time on is sharpening edges on the image. I use the pen tool to ink, but it doesn’t do pointed ends all that well, so you need to kind of edit it yourself. I get this from my early days of Flash Animation, when I did builds for a direct-to-dvd show of Reader Rabbit. The difference is, once you do it once for animation, you don’t really need to do it again. But each comic is different so I need to make sure they point! I guess I’m a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to it, but it really is such a time waster. I read somewhere that most webcomic artists finish a 3 panel webcomic in about 3 hours. Well, I’m pushing a good 16 hours. Probably more. I realize they probably mean simple cartoony characters and probably no color as well, but I stress over the comic for at least two days before I finish it, and that’s just not right. I think I really just need to not worry about pointed ends, and deal with the slightly rounded ends. No ones really going to notice at the size I publish but me…

Its been a bad week for Drew. He has a confirmed case of H1N1 and is currently on the mend, but its been rough. I remember him telling me he was talking to a friend who thought they had H1N1, but they didn’t go in for treatment or anything, just stayed at home and recovered. Well, after this week Drew can confirm that you KNOW when you have H1N1. Sure it is a lot like the flu, but its like the flu on steroids. Really painful, high fever etc etc. I feel really bad for him, because it does sound really crappy to have to go through, but on the up side he IS getting better. His doctor told him the latest he should recover would be Tuesday, but he told me yesterday that he felt like his fever was breaking, so he is on the mend now. I wanted to send out my wishes for his speedy recovery!