I definitely caught myself thinking this when I was fighting Atramedes. Sure, the Sonic Pluses are like a bat! He can hear where we are by the reflecting sound! So how could that work with the fire attacks. Oh yeah. Kind of obvious when you think about it…Ah well. It was a great opportunity to draw one of my guildmates on fire! :)

Happy April Fools everyone! We weren’t all that creative this year, so no pranks from DQ. Just a late comic! But I gotta say, I really liked a lot of the pranks this year. ThinkGeek had some great gag products, like the Light Saber Popsicle and the Playmobil Apple Store. Make sure to watch the videos for both, its the best part!

Google had a job ad posted for a Google Auto Completer the vid here is hilarious too. And Youtube did a 1911 version of itself, and I loved thier Top 5 Viral Videos of 1911 video!

And of course there is our beloved Blizzard, who gave us Crabby, the Dungeon Helper. I actually spent most of my lunch hour today navigating around the World of Warcraft site, seeing what Crabby would tell me. He informs me that Vas is ready to raid Heroic Cataclysm dungeons, and priests are totally getting buffed next patch. Great joke blizz : )