This really is my most hated fishing daily. Mostly because you have to fly so far to get to a place where you can fish up a monsterbelly. Back when I was still doing Hodir Dailies I would cheat and Levitate on the water at the end of Zul’Drak. There’s no pools there, but technically you’re in the frozen sea! I also am mildly disgusted when you pull out the partially digested hand. Eww!

Well, I gotta say, I’m definitely happy I moved so far! The Catalina Wine Mixer is a great, fun guild! We’re good enough to get things done without wiping (much!) and its really quick! I know that will change in 3.3, but that’s okay! I’m excited to be part of a guild who will be working toward new content! Its also nice that we aren’t RACING for server firsts and crap, so everyone is laid back and friendly! I’ve realized now that I missed that a lot. We’re going to get Icecrown, we’re going to see it, and get through it, it doesn’t matter when. I’m super psyched that I’ll see Icecrown at all! ^_^

In other news, I was given the new in-game pets as a gift this week! They are SO cute! I love collecting pets, but I love collecting mounts more…In any case, I did read a blog saying that a lot of people say Blizzard is treading on dangerous ground here when it comes to paying real money for in game items. I’m pretty sure they are afraid there will come a time when Blizzard will offer better weapons and armor for real money. I hope it doesn’t come to that, and honestly, I don’t *think* it will. I don’t think Blizzard really wants to give a bigger advantage to the richer player. I’m all for vanity things being sold, things that won’t impact play at all, but I don’t ever want to have to buy a better weapon from the blizzard store.

That said, they are more than welcome to sell some mounts at the Blizzard store! Any time now!