Alright, so as the comic implies, both Vas and I are now in the beta. He was there during the F&F beta though, I was lucky enough to get my invite just the other day. I actually had this idea for a comic a while ago if I did get into the beta, but I honestly didn’t expect it to be so soon, and I had half finished another comic before I started this one! Oh well, I’ll post that one next week! This one was kinda fun because instead of using Flash symbols, I actually got to kind of draw them out. This is usually how rough my first pass of any drawing I do looks like. Its super sketchy, construction lines everywhere, and I usually only take about 5-10 minutes to lay everything out before I go into the detail work.

I’m excited to actually get in there, I haven’t had too much time, except to fly around and explore. It really is going to be a whole new game. I just hope that they actually listen this time if I make a report. TO THIS DAY when a female blood elf dances (specifically when she does the spin move) her right foot twists completely around in the opposite direction. Its super quick and hard to catch (You can’t really see it at all if they are wearing a robe), but I reported it back in the Burning Crusade beta…TWICE! What can I say! I’m a stickler for animation! Don’t even get me STARTED on the Sparkle Pony….***RAGE***

That said I actually wrote this last night, and now its time to play the beta! BAI!