Okay, well, its not an actual comic. Its a throwback to the splash comic I had on the site when we were first building the comic. I’m sorry, but its Christmas! I just..I didn’t have time! D: But I wanted there to be something here for you guys, so I whipped this up when I could sneak away from my family obligations!

Theres still quite a bit of new content thats been put up on the site for you to look at though!

As I said before, one of the reasons I didn’t finish was because I was working on a Secret Santa Art Exchange on Twitter. Check it out here as well as what I got from Loreli from Reroll! Some great stuff there!

Theres also the Daily Quests Christmas Card wishing everyone who visits Daily Quests a very Merry Christmas from Drew and I. I hope everyone had a great one with friends and family, and Greatfather winter brought them everything they wanted. I got the Tiny loot card! :3

Lastly, for you Lore Nerds out there, if you didn’t know, Drew posts a lore post every Wednesday on the site, talking about some of the more in-depth lore of the game and how it relates or is playing out as we are playing now. Its pretty interesting, and he notices a lot of those small things that make a difference in the long run, but are neat to think about and discuss. Feel free to argue with him too, he loves that.

I wouldn’t expect a new comic before next friday though. I don’t get back home till Monday, and I’m hoping I’ll be okay to whip out TWO comics next week for you all to see, just because I feel really bad about not getting one out now. I hope all the content that has been posted is good enough for ya!