Well! As you may have noticed, Grumpy Tree got a redesign this week. She turned out to be a pretty popular character, and to be honest, I didn’t really like how I handled her design in the first place. I wanted to play with it in Photoshop, but I think in the end, she looks much better in a Flash style anyway. This comic is referenceing the Sum Druid R 4 Scratch comic where she first appeared. You can see the style difference pretty easily! I wanted her to have the same look as the drawing I did a few weeks ago, Fuzzy Tank. I really like how Grumpy Tree came out, and I’m definitly going to keep her this way. Grumpy Tree will be making appearances every so often, but probably not ever with Vas or Fyre, she’s kind of her own entity!

I wanted to take some time this week and do some shout outs to some other comics that are out there! Its been a while since I’ve done so, and I kept meaning to! Anyway, excuses I know. First of all, if you haven’t visited WoW, eh?, NPC, or Looking for Group, then you really should check them out. Still going strong, and still all good! But I wanted to add a couple new ones to the mix this week! First off, Coffin Comics I like the cartoony style on this one, its a style all his own, and its perfect for the style of comics he does. Girls Don’t Play Games is an amazingly detailed and colorful comic about the misadventures of a girl gamer. I love that her barettes change all the time depending on the theme of the comic. Beautifly drawn, I could stare at it for hours! And lastly, one I’ve visited quite a bit, but never really said anything about Complex Actions. Warning, this is an ALLIANCE comic (bleh! ~_^), but its really well drawn. I’ve watched it for a while now and I can’t help but wonder where they find the time to put THAT much detail into every strip!

Well, its finally here! The Calgary Expo starts tomorrow! I think I’m ready. Still really nervous about it though. Theres just a couple more loose ends to deal with today, and then I’m as ready as I’ll ever be. My first con, its exciting! Vas is waiting in the Airport in Houston to come up here right now, and I’ll be picking him up in a few short hours. I do have a few things to sell at the con, including the first 26 Daily Quest Comics in actual print form! I also have some High Quality Prints for sale!

Haven’t quite settled on prices of things yet, but I’ll flesh those out tonight when Vas gets here. Also, these will be available for sale on the site after the Comic Expo is over, for those of you who can’t make it but are still interested! I’ll be taking pics at the con, and hopefully writing a con report (or maybe I’ll get Vas to do it!), and if you’re interested, I’ll be tweeting all day, so make sure to follow @fyreuni! Anyway, still got a ton to do, so I’ll say goodbye here! See you all after the con! : )