Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends! Hope you all are properly stuffed! Unfortunately this weeks comic isn’t Pilgrims Day Themed. I’m still in Florida, this is my last full day here. Had to finish this comic before I left a week ago! Also, special thanks to Toranoe from Illidan who gave us the idea for this weeks comic! Drew and I have lots of ideas, but we’re more than open to any comic suggestions anyone would like to share! Send us an email! doingdailies at gmail dot com!

As we all know by now WoW turned 5 this week, and Blizzard 15. A great milestone. The first time I played a blizzard game it was one of the early warcraft ones, but I don’t remember which. A friend of mine had it and loved it. Made me play it a couple times, but I was always more interested in building my town than actually fighting. But I do clearly remember playing WoW. I was into FFXI at the time, and fully addicted to it, when my (then) husband told me about an open beta for WoW, and said I should give it a shot. I was a healer in FFXI and if any of you have tried it, you know that (back then) you can’t do anything on your own in that game. I tried an alliance rogue in the open beta, and after slaughtering wolves, kobolds, and defias, I was hooked, if not just on the ability to kill ANYTHING by myself! It was so unheard of for me.

I started on Aggramar and in the Wetlands met up with a group of 4 other adventurers (I only remember two of thier names now, Jillycorn, the gnome mage, Gobblechops the Dwarf Warrior. We had a paladin and another rogue, so we actually had a good 5 man group as well) We adventured together, doing dungeons, and exploring new areas. It was great. Even then I was obsessed with mounts, and I was the second or third person on the alliance side to get an epic mount. I still have the original epic mount on that character too!

I can’t even delete her…I love the original palominos. I wish there were a way for me to have it on my character now. I never liked the Epic Horse redesigns. They got a bit of a tweak since they were first released, but it always felt to me like they were wearing workout socks from like the 80s or something! I have a picture I drew way back then showing my disgust at it, I’ll dig it out when I get home!

Obviously lots has changed since when I first started, in how I enjoy the game, and how the game has evolved. Its all pretty good, and its still a lot of fun. I hope everyone has as much fun playing it as I do, and I hope we all enjoy it for many years to come! Anyone want to share thier first noob achievements when you first stepped into the world of azeroth? What did you accomplish that you thought was amazing back then (and is like meh now)?