Alright, here we go!  This is the first official comic of Daily Quests!  Just so you all know, Drew really is like this.  That crap about always having to wait on women?  Not true.  I am constantly waiting on him to finish primping, and let me tell you, it was annoying as hell during Blizzcon this year!

I’ve been working my butt off on this comic the last few weeks.  I’m one of those people who cringes at a deadline, yet still manages to just barely make them.  However, I wasn’t sure how long a comic would take me to make.  Turns out its a long time…So, I took the month of September to kind of get ahead of the game.  I’ve got the next two comics completely done, so now I have a bit of a buffer, which is awesome.  For those of you who might want to try snooping around to find them, TOO BAD!  I don’t upload them till the Friday unless I know I’m not going to be around at all on the Friday!

I’d love to do the comic twice a week, if I thought a) we could come up with that many comic ideas and b) I had enough time to do that.  As it is, I’m only freelancing right now, so work is not steady for me, so a lot of my focus needs to be on getting a paycheck.  Hopefully soon I’ll have a steady permanent job that still lets me draw/animate, but I’m not seeing that happening for another few months yet!  : (

Anyway, here’s the first installment of what I hope is many Daily Quests!  Enjoy!