Alright, so I’m going to state right off the bat that I love my Guild. We are a really tight-knit group of people who enjoy the game, and still play it for the fun, but we all want to still see the end game content. There are only about 11 of us, and we’re all in that time of life when you’re either starting your career, or starting a family, or in the case of one of us, taking care of your family! What that means in the long run is that we don’t have a ton of time to play with RL stuff going on, but we are a guild that values quality over quantity. We only raid two nights a week, with optional alt raids on the weekends, and for all that’s worth, we’re pretty successful.

But it’s not just what we are able to get done in our short raid times that make this Guild so awesome. It’s the people in the guild. We’re all really good friends. In fact, I think there’s only two people in the main raiding core that I haven’t met personally! We actually don’t have any Guild drama. We are all mature players who get along great with each other. And the best part about that is that we can joke with each other while we are raiding. And do we ever! Between Banana Bunkers, Canadian Maple Cookies, and well, the complain department, we have a lot of fun when we raid.

I don’t even remember where the complain department came from, but apparently, I’m it for the Guild! We joke about it, and they send me fake complaints, and I tell them I’m totally listening, just like a real complaint department does! Smile and nod! That’s my policy! Its funny because knowing that *I’m* the complaint department, the guild knows me well enough that I totally don’t care about their complaints.

Anyway, a quick note about the Banana Bunkers…Weoh promised us all Banana Bunkers if we killed the Lich King about two weeks ago. Well, apparently motivation works because even though we hadn’t downed him before then, we one shot him that night. Weoh, true to his word, actually bought everyone in the guild Banana Bunkers. And let me tell you. That thing looks even more phallic in real life…I feel dirty just holding that thing… >_>