Alright, sorry for the late comic! Took a lot more work than I had expected! Yeah, Fyre is an admitted mount-aholic. I only wish they had made the mount tab sooner so I could have had a few more…the Brewfest Ram comes to mind back when you could collect it with tickets…I remember I had enough to get it, but I didn’t want it to take up bank space when I’d probably never use it *sadface* Oh well. Yeah, Fyre has the 100 mount achievement. I think shes sitting at 109 right now. Theres still so many I need/want too. Screw the Oracles btw.

Other than that, the only other interesting news is that the script for Emergency Kindergarten: Lesson 2 has been finalized! Next step is recording. Shouldn’t be too hard, hardest part is finding the time! I’m thinking about taking a week off from the comic to focus on the animation, using the time I usually spend on the comic to work on the animation. I haven’t quite decided on that yet though…I’ll just keep plugging away when time allows!