Well, Fyre has had a lot of laughs at the expense of her guildmates, so this was only a matter of time really!

This was the first comic I did using Flash CS5, which Vas bought for me! :D I was using CS3 at home, and CS4 at work, and let me tell you, I REALLY like CS5. A lot of the little things that bugged me about the earlier versions are fixed (like for example if you used the color picker and tried to pick from something that was a symbol it wouldn’t recognize you wanted that color and you’d have to click into the symbol to get the color) …okay wait, did that make sense to anyone? It makes sense to me…Oh well. Still love Flash, still love to hate Flash. So far lovin’ CS5!

Anyway, wanted to make a shout out to Cadistra and let you all know that shes updated her store with some cute buttons! I’m totally getting some to decorate my World of Warcraft bag. Yes, I take a WoW bag to work every day! Jealous? I thought so! Anyway, check out her store for some awesomeness in button form!