Hey everyone! Got another comic done finally! Heh. I could totally see this as a first world problem for Vas. And I want everyone to know AGAIN that YES! He really does take this long to get ready! I’m waiting for him most of the time! ~_^

Anyway, I really hate to bring this up, but I wanted to do a little self promotion here. I’m currently unemployed and doing what I can to make ends meet. I don’t like asking for donations, so I’ve been trying to get some stores up and running of some things that I make. Of course there is always the DQ store with Daily Quest related things, but I also have an Etsy Store with my Gamer Bath bombs. Right now there are some My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic bath bombs in there, but I will be adding more things hopefully this weekend.

Also, I have an actual store for my bathbombs that you can check out and it has more quantities of the items. Again, just the MLP stuff for now, but more coming very VERY soon (like this weekend soon). I’m going to be doing gaming themed bath and body products, with items inspired by WoW, SWTOR, Zelda, and Mario games!

It would help me a lot of you guys took a look and let any friends you know who may be interested in my products. I’m also working on commissions as well, which will be open again for a second batch on Monday. Check my twitter for when they go up on Monday!

I do have a donate button on the left bar of this page if you’re feeling generous, and I appreciate anything anyone can give. I don’t expect it or anything, that’s why I hope you’ll take a look at my various stores and see something you like. Thanks everyone for any help you can give!