Well, Childrens week is just around the corner! Make sure you get it done so you can get your Violet Protodrake! Vas and Fyre are doing thier part to bring a little happiness into a poor orphans life! Now, before you say it, yeah, I KNOW Fyre and Vas as blood elves were never in Molten Core. But Vas and I were there! He on his Orc Warrior, and me on my Undead Priest. In fact, before I had met him officially, I was trying to get into the guild he was in, and on my trial my test was to Keep Vas alive through MC. No joke. He would charge recklessly into packs, even back then. I am proud to say that I passed that test! Apparently I was the first to keep him alive through the whole instance while he was up to his shenannigans.

I want to give fair warning that there might not be a comic next week, or it might be late, or it might be on time… Vague I know, but I’m going to Vegas…well, today actually. I won’t be back until Saturday next week, and for once I’m not dragging my computer along with me. >: | I still have a few hours before I leave today, but I don’t know if thats enough time to have something done, so I can’t guarantee I’ll have something. Sorry about that though!

Also, when I get back I want to FINALLY make some updates to the page. We’ll be seeing a few new things, and just some old things that I’ve been neglecting to update. But for now, I’m going to switch into Vacation mode. Have a great Children’s Week everyone!