Actually, I’m pretty sure Blizzard DIDN’T think it was a good idea, hence why we don’t see any fire trees! But why not fire bears! Or boomkins! That’d be awesome!

So, I was hoping to have a post ready about what I’d like to do for my charity drive this Christmas, but its still not worked out. I’ll talk about it a bit though. As per every year, half the proceeds from the DQ Store will be donated to Child’s Play, so take a look in the store and see if you see anything you like! If you don’t, I encourage you to make a donation on your own this holiday season.

However I wanted to do something a little more, so I have plans to do an art auction for a single character full body commission of your WoW character with ALL the proceeds going to Child’s Play! I haven’t set it up yet, but rest assured it will happen and I’ll let everyone know! Stay tuned if you’re interested!