Alright, sorry for the late comic, hopefully it won’t happen again for a while, since I FINALLY sat down and did the Vas redesign.

I remember when Cataclysm came out, for the longest time I had as the GMOTD “CRITTERS!!! KILL THEM!!!” And for a while, everyone did. I even found out about the bug where if you were in a group with guildmates it would count every critter you killed as a kill from every member in your group, so if we were in a full gruild 5 man, every time someone killed a critter in that group, it counted as 5 instead of 1. I will I took more advantage of that before they fixed it : ( We’re at about 30K critters killed, which isn’t bad, considering we’re not on very much outside of raiding times in our guild…

Anyway! Got lots to do today, so I’d better get started!