Okay, so this conversation *actually* happened. Vas and I were playing our beta goblins, and in the Kodo Graveyard of Desolace when I innocently asked why a ghost kodo would have money on him. This is the kind of dry wit I get to deal with on a daily basis with this guy! Anyway, the best thing about having to deal with a sense of humor like Vas’ is that at least its pretty good inspiration for the comics.

Speaking of inspiration for comics, my guild is an awesome source of inspiration, as more than a few comics have come up from conversations while raiding. We even had one happen this last week, and I said to Vas right after “That would make a great comic!” and he agreed. And now neither of us can remember what the hell we were talking about at the time. That’ll learn me to start writing it down… >: |

There’s not much else in the way of news at the moment. I’ve been really busy this week with freelancing gigs which should finish off at the end of this week. After that I’d like to find some time to do a couple drawings for the site. There’s still a lot of fine tuning I could be doing to the DQ site alone. Just finding the time! Augh!