Well, looks like Grunty finally got his revenge from the last time! Fyreuni never forgets….

Anyway! My new job has been going very well, but keeping me very busy. I’m definitely having time management issues when it comes to my extra projects. I sitll have one more commission to finish that I’m TRYING to get done whenever I can, but I just cannot say when commissions will be open again…Things still aren’t stable unfortunately…I know, it sucks, a LOT…I’m really trying…

I also do want to do the Lesson 2. As I said before, its been scripted out, but I haven’t had a chance to record voices, or do an animatic yet, and this weekend isn’t looking to good to work on any of it either. I’m ready to do it now, I want to find at least a few hours a week to work on it when I can! Anyway, hope everyone else is doing well! I don’t have a ton of time to do a full post today, so sorry about that! D: