One can never have too much blood in a comic, right? And OMG! Fyreuni’s a Shadowpriest? Of course she’s a Shadowpriest!! Also, it was really fun to draw this last panel. I thought I’d hate drawing and coloring it, but it turned out pretty good so I’m happy. The blood is probably why.

Whew, okay, so this is exactly what I wanted to avoid when I started this comic. A last minute oh-shit-I-have-to-post-SOMETHING stress moment. I like to have a bit of a buffer with the comics, but as I posted Dressed for the Occasion a little earlier one week, my buffer quickly dwindled, and it caught up with me this soon.

Ever since I posted last weeks comic, I’ve been running around doing things. I hopped in my car pretty much right away and drove up to Edmonton, and saw the Blue Man Group, then my grandparents flew in for Thanksgiving, so the rest of the weekend was a bit of an artistic write off. I got home on Tuesday and was like CRAP! I haven’t even sketched yet. Did as much as I could then, and some during the day on Wednesday, but the evening was shot seeing the Toy Story and Toy Story 2 double feature. I hadn’t had a chance before then, and its only a two week event! Then Thursday I get called into my Freelancing job, so my day was shot and in the evening I have Volleyball, which is followed by a mandatory drink or two (or three) at a local pub. I got home on Thursday night and PANICKED that I hadn’t finished and I surely didn’t want to miss a deadline so soon. So I hunkered down, tuned out a lot of AIM, Facebook, and Twitter and just did what needed to be done. Finished about 5 minutes before midnight before promptly passing out! All in all, I’m pretty happy with myself for getting it done!

By the way, next week is looking kind of the same for how much spare time I have D: