Would you look at the size of this comic? Its HUGE! lol, well, when I first started the comic, I said to myself that I wasn’t going to box myself into one size, a three panel comic every week. This isn’t a newspaper, I’m not bound by size restrictions, I can do what I want, or do what I need. In this case, there just isn’t enough space in three panels to tell the story. Heck, theres barely enough space in six! This comic plays on what I’ve talked about in my blog post from last week where I take delight in using my priestly skills in killing as many people as I can. Like the Priest call in BWL, which I did kill Vas with once, back when he was an Orc Warrior, or levitating everyone in ToC (except the Death Knights) before the floor falls out in the hopes that the DKs will turn on path of frost in time for someone to click off levitate. Same idea here! What can I say, I want to heal things to death, and its fun! As long as your victim doesn’t get TOO mad! I’ve payed for a few repair bills for my laughs. WORTH IT!

Its also a bit of a milestone, as this is the 10th comic. Its not much, but its huge to me. 10 comics! Wow! I’m pretty proud of myself! I’ve never done anything like this before, and it seems to be going well, I haven’t run out of ideas (yet) and I haven’t missed a deadline (yet!)

Also this week, its interesting to know that the Daily Quests comic It’s Better Not to Ask was linked on the official World of Warcraft Twitter! Again, I’m thrilled! I can’t believe that we’re finally getting our name out there, and it did happen quite quickly. I know I know, I really shouldn’t have bitched about it, and it should have given it more time, but you guys are great, and I appreciate every comment I get. It keeps me going, it keeps me wanting to make more. We still have lots of ideas too!

Lastly, I will be gone all of next week, I’m going to Orlando, Florida to do the tourist thing! Disney World, Epcot, Universal Studios, Kennedy Space Centre. So I might not be around to reply to comments, but Drew is still here, and will be monitoring the site. I also believe he is going to start blogging a bit on the site as well to add a bit more content to Daily Quests, so check back later next week for that! And if you all are wondering, I’ve already finished last weeks comic, so it won’t be late at all! ^_^ I also got a Spa Day today for finishing it early, of which I get to go to in just a few minutes there! Ahh, motivation!