Damn that elusive Green Proto Drake! They even lower the cooldown on it and make the droprate slightly higher and I STILL only get Aged Yolks or White Tickbirds! I have been buying this thing every week since I got exalted with these guys and STILL no luck >: | Even Greatfather Winter is having a good laugh at Fyres expense….Humbug!

Well, I’ve been a little out of it of sorts lately. Ever since Cataclysm came out its all I’ve wanted to do, and now that its been out for a few weeks its starting to slow down a bit again. Things have been stressful and busy at work, and I haven’t had much drive to draw lately, which is why the comic has suffered a bit as of late. It was Christmas, and I really just wanted to take the time to do what I wanted to do, and enjoy the time off the way I wanted to enjoy it, so I did. I’m back to work now (after this three day weekend) and hopefully that schedule normalizes my inspiration to draw again. It felt pretty natural to be doing the comic tonight though. Even though its late and even though Christmas is over.

In any case, I hope everyone had a great and enjoyable holiday!

I have lots to talk about, but I’ll have to do another entry some time next week to cover it all, but I wanted to share the ONE piece of art I did all month. Once again, the lovely Loreli from Twitter organized a Secret Santa for some of the artists of twitter. You might remember my post about it last year. We had a lot more people participate this year than last year, and everyone got a picture and was on time! (I was the last to finish, but I still had 7 hours to the deadline!) So, I’d like to share my piece I did for CallumTwoPointO, of his Draenai Hunter, Vanha (who, incidentally has race changed to a male worgen XD)

Click for larger

I also got a lovely piece of art from Mishaweha for my Secret Santa!

Make sure to check out all the awesome artses here!

The only other stuff I’ve actually finished this month is the 5 charity avatars I did a couple weeks back. I totally wanted to do more, but I got burned out and couldn’t bring myself to pick up my pen to draw…anyway, if you haven’t had a chance to see them yet, here they are:
Millya | Khrys | Voodie | Ravidel | Asros
And obviously I need to talk about the charity drive for Child’s Play, but that’ll have to wait for its own post! Laters all!