I think this is one daily quest where EVERYONE asks this question. I’ve seen /general conversations about how annoyed people are that we have to save him AGAIN. I’d like to think it goes a little something like this. That said I assure you I don’t actually fantasize about half-naked dwarves. TRUST ME!

This last week Vas and I became the victim of a spam bot posting comments on older comics in the hopes we won’t catch them. Well, we did, but unfortunately they haven’t stopped yet. We’ve had to set comments to be approved first, but I think we should only need to approve it once, and then its automatic or something. Especially if you have a wordpress account! So really sorry about the inconvenience, but any comments might not come up right away. I’ve got Vas watching the comments screen like a hawk all weekend, so feel free to give him some work!

And finally, I’d like to say Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian friends out there! I will be driving up to Edmonton in a few hours to spend it with my Dad and my Grandparents, whom Dad is flying in from Ontario. I haven’t had a family thanksgiving in a very long time, so I’ve been looking forward to this for a while now :) Hope everyone else has a great weekend full of turkey, potatos and PUMPKIN PIE!!!! Om nom nom nom…