Todays DQ features the daily quest Intelligence Gathering. One I actually still did a lot of even after I got exalted with Ebon Blade. Not bad money, and the mobs go down easy. I can see a lot of people on the Wowhead comments saying avoid it, but meh. It may take a while to get the keys, but there are lots of trunks in the two ships. I usually can finish it off by staying in there, sometimes having to go out onto the beach. No biggie!

But I do always wonder why theres only like 23 copper in the chests when you open them. From a developer point of view, I’m sure it has something to do with not encouraging people to farm the area for keys and just open the chests for easy money (even easier money as a rogue) but from a game point of view, I see it more like this! :P

Ever notice how when you’re away you can think of a million things you’re going to say on a blog post, and then when you actually go to post the damned thing you forget almost all of it! Well, yeah, that just happened to me. I’m sure I had a ton of stuff to talk about this week, but I don’t remember any of it! >_< I suppose I wanted to mention that Vas and I have been starting to seriously organize what we are doing and brining to the Calgary Comic Expo and that I’m seriously stressing out about it even though its over a month away. I’m not sure all the stuff we want to get will even get to us in time. We’ll have to see.

The other thing I know I remebered I need to talk about is that I have opened commissions in an effort to make ends meet. There is a link to the commissions page just above the comic for future reference! Right now they are really fast sketches or inks, and hopefully when I’m a little more confident in them, I will start opening up full color commissions as well. I’m trying to keep the prices low, but I don’t know if those prices will change or not depending on my schedule or interest in them, so if you want one, now might be the time!

Thanks again to everyone who supports the site one way or another, even if its only visiting once a week! It means a lot to me! <3