Not that Fyre would ever want to really give up any of her mounts anyway, but this makes Fluffy the Gnome-eater all the better! This is a follow up to the One More For The Road comic done a few weeks ago.

Also, can I just say that I LOVE that they made all mounts a certain speed based on your mount skill? I was lucky enough to get a Blood-Bathed Frostbrood Vanquisher so I already had a 310 mount (I had three 310 mounts actually!) but that meant I didn’t have to pay for the highest tier of riding! And the best part? The addon Mounted which randomly summons a mount every time you click the macro, now uses ALL the mounts, instead of just the fastest mount available!

Sure, I could have told it to randomly give me any of my mounts, but come on! When you CAN ride at 310, you don’t WANT to ride at 280! But I love it because I can finally see some of my mounts that I haven’t seen in a long time! Even the old level 20 mounts are making it back into my rotation and its great! I had the Magnificent Flying Carpet come up and I was thrilled! I’m so glad to be seeing these old mounts again! ^_^

Now, I know a few of you have asked where Vas and I will be during Blizzcon (Fuzzy Tank will be there too!). Well, if you’ve been before, you KNOW that its impossible to find anyone randomly (except for last year when I randomly ran into a co-worker I had worked with a year before. WEIRD!), anyway, we wanted to give people a chance to meet up if they could, and snag a free Daily Quest 1 inch Button, we will be at the Realm Meet Up Area at 12:00pm on Friday, Oct 22. So come over if you have the chance and say hi! We’re only planning on being there for about half an hour though, since there’s some panels we want to catch at 1pm. I’ll be giving out buttons randomly throughout Blizzcon as well, until I run out, so who knows! You might still get one even if you can’t meet up!

Anyway, Blizzcon next week! I’m so excited! I wish I could go right now! I can’t wait to see all my old friends again and just be in that whole gamer geek environment! Its gonna be great! :D