This is going to be an interesting post. Its something thats been on my mind a lot lately, and I don’t mean it to be a “poor me” post about the comic, but I’m sure it will come off that way. Oh well, here goes anyway.

I think every artist wants to feel appreciated for the work they put into thier pieces, whether it be an oil painting, a sculpture, or a webcomic. When one takes the step of putting thier work out there, its a scary thing. I think almost every artist feels like thier own work isn’t good enough in some way or another. On one hand, it can be a good thing! I mean, if you thought you were perfect, how could you ever improve! On the other hand, its a crippling disability when it comes to confidence. If YOU don’t think your art is good enough, how could you possibly think that anyone else would. So why even try.

Unfortunately, I suffer from the latter of the two. Not that I don’t want to improve, but everytime I feel like I do something really good, no one seems to care. Its wrong to think this way, and I know it, but if I put that much work into something and no one even says, “hey! Thats neat!” I put HOURS into my work, all for the small satisfaction of people saying, “I like that!”

I look around at other comics or blogs, and they have so many fans, people who stand up for them in other blogs or sites, people who have hundreds of fans on thier facebook pages, people who check thier site everyday even though they KNOW they only update once a week. I want my work to be appreciated like that, I want people to like what I’m doing. I want DQ to grow, but I’m not sure if I can do it, and then (enter confidence issue) I wonder if its even worth it.

I’m being selfish, I know. I do have a few commenters every week, and always a couple of my close friends who say “good job” in AIM or what not, and really, I should be happy with that. I don’t know why I’m not. I am EXTREMELY lucky to be mentioned in‘s Sunday Morning Funnies. So why isn’t that good enough for me? I just don’t know.

So what can be done about it? Well, first of all, I really need to change my attitude. Which is the hardest part. I can’t just not care, I want to know that people are reading this because they want to, not because they have to (as in, I’m hounding my friends making sure they visit). I need to look at this in a way that I’m just doing this for ME. I’m doing this because *I* want to. At least for the moment. I’m not giving up yet anyway.

Secondly, I think I need to try to offer more in the site. Either in the form of a more updated blog, or whatever. I have opinions, but honestly, I’m not necessarily all that great at putting them down. And again, I just think “who would care what I have to say anyway!” I’d really rather put some more of my art on here, but man, I just don’t have time to finish a lot of art. The comic takes up so much of my week as it is (I’m thinking about 8 hours now, I did actually cut back on the detail, and I don’t think you can tell at all). I want there to be other reasons why someone would visit Daily Quests other than a comic which everyone knows is only updated on Friday. I’m also trying to make a better effort of replying to people who do comment. Obviously I don’t reply to all comments, but I definitely read them all! I want people to know I’m there, I’m a real person, and I appreciate what they have to say. I don’t want to be seen as some snooty artist who doesn’t care about her fans, but I do get shy when it comes to replying sometimes! Anyway, that will be an easy thing to change.

And third, I know I’m not the only artist that thinks this way. I’ve actually read a few blog posts from artists who get in this slump and it affects them. Even GOOD artists! I remember Kensai from Battlemasters didn’t think anyone would sign up on his Facebook page, and now he has 200+ fans (totally jealous btw, but he deserves it!) So I’m going to make a bit of a better effort to promote my favorite comics as well, as well as places that I surf to and enjoy. Hopefully this will make other people feel good about thier hard work as well! One of my greatest joys is to find a new site, and learn they’ve linked me! It also means I need to to some linking back! No time like the present!

Now, I’m not a huge blogger, and I don’t really read a lot of blogs, but I appreciate the work it takes to keep one up. Its all about having an opinion and having the guts to let others read it and subject yourself to thier criticism! I know all about that part anyway! But I like Anea. Its just a blog about Aneas thoughts on the game and her experiences there, and thats what I like. She also almost always comments on my comic, which I can’t thank her enough for! It makes me feel so good! :D

From her site I actually found a comic called Re-Roll by Loreli. Again, I was SUPER pleasantly surprised to see they had linked me already! I had no idea! You guys need to tell me these things! I took a look at her comics, and as well her blog, and I found again that I’m not the only one who goes through this! Loreli’s thoughts mirrored my own on the whole “is this even worth it” thing, and inspired me to at least get my thoughts down on “paper” as well. Unfortunately, the comic part hasn’t been updated in almost a month, which is a real shame because the art is really good. But we’re told that it is because halloween is really busy for her, and she will be back on track soon! I can’t wait, I’d love to see more of it. Not to mention her BE character has the same hair as mine, which I LOVE!

Check out NPC, a cute comic about gamers and thier gaming cats. Love that the comic is done with Flash too! Shes also an animator! Anyone seeing a pattern here? Are we all so sick of animating we move to sequential art? HARDLY! Animating is always awesome. It just takes forever! ~_^

Some comics I’m going to mention that certainly don’t seem to need any help from me, but are still really good, are Teh Gladiators, which had an eerie similarity to DQ this week in our uses of Penguins! Looking for Group, probably the best WoW themed comic out there. I love that they have a flash animation too! Experience Points, about gaming in general, but definitly WoW infulenced.

And finally, make sure you check out the comics I’ve been linking for a while now! Almost Normal, The Battlemasters, and the very popular World of Warcraft, eh?, which is just starting a new storyline arc!