So I’ve been having a lot of emails asking a few questions about commissions, so I thought I’d make a post about it, and hopefully it will lay a few questions to rest.

Actually, it’s mostly only one major question. “Will you do color commissions!?”.

The answer: YES! I fully plan to do color commissions. I wanted to use the sketches and inks to kind of test the waters for commissions, as well as my time frame for them. My biggest worry is that my color drawings take a LOT of my time, and I don’t want to accept commissions I can’t finish. I’ve been able to better estimate how much time I need to do a commission based on what I’ve taken so far.

Keep in mind though, that the color commissions might run pretty expensive. I’ve worked 7 hours on a drawing and that’s just colors alone. I haven’t settled on a number yet, but I’ll update the commissions page when I do.

When will commissions be open again!
Well, My list is finished at the moment, but there were two people who got their emails in before I closed commissions the first time. I have to get a hold of them and discuss what they want still. That said, even if I didn’t have a couple more to do, I am pretty busy in the next few weeks. The Calgary Comic Expo is a mere 5 days away, and I’ll be completely booked that weekend. I’m still trying to get a few loose ends tied up as it is. The Friday after that I’m taking a long overdue trip with my best friends from High School down to Vegas! I’ll be there for a week, and obviously won’t be doing much drawing while I’m there! ~_^

The long and short of it is expect commissions to be open again some time around the week of May 10th. This will PROBABLY include when color commissions will open as well, so if you’re interested in one, make sure you’re around that time (follow Daily Quests on Twitter for the best chance to hear when they are open! SPOTS WILL BE LIMITED FOR COLOR!

I already got a sketch/inked drawing, but I want a color of it! Can I still get one? Of course! If you get a spot in the color commission list, and have already paid for a sketch/inked drawing, that money is subtracted from the color drawing total (for example and these numbers are not exact, if a color is $50, and you already got an inked drawing for $15 dollars, you only need to pay $35 dollars to have your drawing colored)

I want a BG done too!
Ugh, Backgrounds…they are the bane of my existence I swear! That and monkeys, but we won’t get into that. I don’t like doing backgrounds, they are practically another full on drawing onto itself. I’m not even that good at them. Layout was my weakest class in animation, and that hasn’t changed. While I’d LIKE to practice more and I’d LIKE to get better at them, I don’t think I could finish a commission in a timely manner if I had to do them. This isn’t to say I won’t ever do them, but honestly, it might be better for all parties involved that I just don’t do them at all. The only other option is charging an arm and a leg for it : / Still undecided on this one, but for now, assume no. Sorry about that D: