Poor grumpy tree. Shes not doing so well knowing tree form is going away. How is she going to deal with it when its gone for good! Well, except for 30 seconds every 5 minutes (or something I don’t remember). Well, lets just hope everything works out for her!

Anyway, its been a while since I’ve plugged some WoW comics, so here’s a couple more that you all should check out! First up is Fourth Wall, another writer artist team documenting their adventures in life and video games. Also check out Out of World. OMG the art in this comic, the art OMG. I wish I could draw like that. Love the detail. Its not updated as often as some comics (I STILL can’t figure out how people can update a comic more than once a week anyway) but the art is worth it! Start at the beginning! Lots of great stuff to look at!

For those asking about a Blizzcon meetup, I’m not entirely sure about when/how to do that, I’ll probably just be at the meet up areas at…some time or another. I need to talk it over with Vas and decide something, but I’ll let everyone know when we do! Also, going to be posting updates on twitter for blizzcon if you want to follow me!