Can’t talk! Blizzcon!

Well, I can chat for a bit. Yes, Fuzzy Tank and I got shirts made, and no, we kinda didn’t get one made for Vas : ( Don’t worry, I solved that problem though. Oh, and that marker I’m holding? Its my new Magnum Sharpie Fuzzy Tank bought me. This thing is massive. I’m pretty sure there’s a warning on there that it could kill small children with its fumes. Also, I wish I looked as good as I draw myself >:\

Anyway, we’re all at Blizzcon right now! And for those who are also there, don’t forget that Vas and I will be at the Realm meet up area at 12:00pm (noon) today if you can stop by to say hi! Buttons are packed! Anyway! I’m off to tab dot the massive Blizzcon crowds!