Yay! Comics again! Learning a little more about Grumpy Tree…Yes she is a girl! : P I’ve mentioned it a few times in my posts, but sometimes people assume otherwise, so yay a comic came out of it!

Anyway, tomorrow is the official 1 year anniversary of Daily Quests, one year tomorrow I posted the first Daily Quests comic! ^_^ I’m still a little surprised I was able to keep up with it for this long. I made a New Years Resolution to complete DQ to at least one year and it looks like I did it! Woo! Anyway, there’s still a lot of comics to come! And I can’t wait for Cataclysm so I can get some new material!

Quick update on EK:L2, I’m plugging away at is as I can, but I’ve been pretty swamped lately, and oh yeah, I’m moving next week. So I’m at least trying to put some content up in the meantime! Its coming is all I can say!

Also, getting really excited for Blizzcon! One month away! Can’t wait to see all my old friends again and just hang out for three days straight!