Hello again everyone! Ever wanted a quick piece of art from Fyre? Now might be your chance! I want to raise a bit more money, so I’m doing Charity Avatars, a headshot of your character fully colored in Flash to use however you want, Twitter, Livejournal, Facebook, whatever! 50% of all proceeds will be donated to Child’s Play, along with what I raise through the DQ store!

Charity Avatars are: CLOSED The first batch of avatars are full! Sorry! Check back later!

What you get:
Well, first of all, you get a warm fuzzy feeling for helping out a sick child, but secondly, you’ll get a fully colored headshot of your requested character. I’ll send you three image sizes. 500×500 (which is the size I’ll be working at) 300×300 (a little smaller, good for Twitter) and 100×100 (good for messageboards and LJ). You can use it how you wish!

Want to see?

300×300 size

Da Rules
I can only take 5 at a time. I’ll have them all done within a week, but I don’t want to take on too many. Oh yeah, its going to be first come first served. There will not be a waiting list. If you didn’t get in the first time, you’ll have to wait till it opens again to try to get an icon. If it gets filled up I will open it up again once I am done those 5. Max two icons per set of 5 that I do, so other people can have a chance to get one. This is a digital icon only. I can only accept paypal for payment. 50% of the cost of your avatar will be donated to Child’s Play just before Christmas.

Yeah, okay, I want one, what do I do!
The first 5 people to send me an email with their characters armory link will get an avatar. All avatars will be drawn in Tier 11, unless otherwise asked. Please let me know if you want the helm on or off. I will reply to the email with my paypal information, and once you confirm your payment, I will start your icon. If you send me an email after the 5 spots are filled I will let you know, and you will not have to send payment. Please do not send payment before you hear from me through email! I will put your name on the list below, and do your avatar as soon as I can. I will email you your finished avatar in the three sizes specified above, and you may use them as you wish.

And a message from Fyre
Thank you so much for considering an avatar, I want to do a little more to raise some money for Child’s Play, and this is something I can actually handle. Your support is greatly appreciated, both by me, and those benefiting from Child’s Play.

Current Avatar List:
1. Millya
2. Khrysaniel
3. Voodie
4. Ravidel
5. Asros